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Join us this October 22-24, 2024

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What Others Are Saying About

EMS Leadership LIVE

I've actually been busier since the training! I've gotten my team together to go back and do things that we've let slip by. That brought out some of the easy things to do with for retention, which will in turn help with our recruitment and we have seen action with that too. 

Geralyn Hoyt

EMS Leadership Academy Live was a wonderful experience. It was very engaging and provided excellent networking opportunities. I learned how to improve both myself and my agency. There were so many poignant points for both experienced and novice leaders. I strongly believe this is valuable for every level of leadership.

Kyle Burtch

This class is very insightful. One of the big things that I learned was creating my leadership statement. It has already had a profound impact on me and really opened my eyes to who I am as a leader. I also saw the importance of getting all the facts before making a decision. The coaching training has been amazing. I will take this class to heart and help to implement what I've in my agency. I would highly recommend their class.

Mike Deshaies

EMS Leadership LIVE was a tremendous personal and professional development experience offering incredibly valuable information on transformational leadership. This training has provided me with tools to be shared with my fellow leaders that will empower us to redefine our recruitment and retention goals by creating bold visions for our organization. Thank you Robbie and Lisa for the immersive lessons, fantastic coaching, insightful messages and friendship!

Ellen Fleming

This leadership training has been nothing short of amazing. It's opened my eyes to the importance of so many different aspects of what it takes to be a great leader. Self care, improving communication skills, looking at things from different perspectives, assessing before assuming, are just a small fraction of topics that have really stood out to me. Really looking forward to applying this knew knowledge and "AHA" moments to my personal and professional life. Excited to participate in future training opportunities with Robbie and Lisa!

Alyssa lockwood

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LIVE Event Schedule
Day 1 Tues Oct 22, 1100-1900 ET
Day 2 Wed Oct 23, 1100-1900 ET
Day 3 Thurs Oct 24, 1100-1900 ET

EMS Leadership LIVE

hosted by EMS Leadership LLC