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For attending the 

MIH Summit in Nashville

The EMS Leadership Academy is a proud sponsor of the 2024 MIH Summit hosted by NAMIHP

As a special gift for being here, we are gifting the following items to attendees:

  1. Free access to the mini-series: Improving Motivation, Engagement & Morale
  2. *$100 off the EMS Leadership LIVE 3 day training (or $150 off VIP Ticket) June 4, 5, 6 2024*
  3. 75% off the transformational EMS Leadership communication training program

*The EMS Leadership LIVE 3 day training June 4, 5, 6 2024 is a fully virtual experience, that means none of the hassles involved in traveling and you still get to connect with passionate leaders from around the globe. By enrolling in this training, you also get our most incredible free leadership bonus pack, worth over $1,485*

What Participants Have Said About the EMS Leadership Academy

Steve  2:09 PM

"Thank you very much!!!! I feel like I'm having a ripple effect on others and on the right path. I will continue to work towards improving myself"

Cory  1:40 PM

"I understand now it's less about changing the people you lead and more about growing myself. This will in turn have an impact and grow others."

Angela  1:20 PM

"I love this idea of approaching situations with wonder and an open mindset."
- Saskatoon, SK Canada

David  2:09 PM

"My biggest take away is to identify those I place a label on and try to reframe my thinking. I'll work to coach the behavior, not try to change the person. As I look over my last two years as a supervisor, I'm seeing the leaps and bounds in growth. This is reaffirming that my previous shortcomings were not failures but changes to learn" 

Join us for the NAMIHP MIH Summit @ the
W Nashville

🗓️ March 21-22 2024 🎉