For best results 

we highly recommend that our three core programs be delivered together over a short period of time, typically over two days.

The EMS Leadership Academy courses are designed to build on each other to create a transformational experience that will cause positive, long-lasting change for the participants.

Organizations who have participated in our programs have begin to eliminate gossip, transformed their membership and created a magnetic environment that thrives, not just survives.

Participants who have taken the Advanced Leadership courses have developed a vision for their organization's future and fulfilled on that.

The below courses have been designed for on-site delivery, if you would like to bring the EMS Leadership Academy to your organization, contact us.

You can also get a taste of what our training is like by taking our online training programs.

Course Objectives & Outlines

Communication: The Foundation for a Thriving Organization & Effective Leadership

Leadership I: Breathing Life Into Your Organization

Leadership II: Advancing Leadership Capacity

Coaching: Bringing out the Best in Others

What some participants had to say

My eyes have been opened & I feel like some of the skills and tools I have been looking for to be effective are now in my toolbox. I am hopeful & excited to put them into practice!!!

- Regina L., Asst. Captain – Bay Ridge Rescue Squad, Queensbury, NY

“The workshops reinforced lessons previously learned, gave merit to tactics I currently use & provided new tools to enhance my ability to lead both career & volunteer members and officers. Thank you!”

- Eric M., Captain FDNY-EMS, New York City, NY

This training provided an effective framework for leadership development, team management and improving organizational effectiveness.

- Lori Ann B., EMS Manager – New York Presbyterian Hospital Ambulance, Manhattan, NY

References & Other Host Program Agencies

IA MED's ICON Conference

We have worked with IA MED and the CME Collective to present the EMS Leadership Academy's work to the critical care industry via the ICON conferences.

Syracuse, NY - Syracuse University Ambulance

The Syracuse University Ambulance service has hosted our signature EMS Leadership Academy programs at the Minnowbrook Conference Center on Blue Lake Mountain in the Adirondacks for its student members.

Bucks County, PA

The Central Bucks EMS department has hosted our signature programs.

Westchester, NY

The Pound Ridge Ambulance Service hosted an EMS Leadership Academy weekend for surrounding services from New York City through Westchester County.

Southern Tier EMS REMO NY

Leadership Training for the Southern Tier of New York

The Southern Tier Health Care System has hosted our three foundational programs in a weekend setting. This course is open to invitation only and has been hosted multiple times in the Souther Tier of New York State.
Contact the STEMS office if interested.

Weekend EMS Leadership Bootcamp -
Lake Placid, NY

A weekend format for course delivery for the Mountain Lakes Region of the Adirondacks for a NYS Recruitment & Retention grant. Attendees completed the Communication Course, Leadership I, Leadership II and a select group of outside participants were trained in the EMS Coach & Mentor program.

New York State Vital Signs - Pre-conference

Three signature programs were delivered at the NYS Vital Signs EMS Conference as a pre-conference with participants from all areas of New York.

Leadership Development for the Capital Region

The Albany NY REMO region has hosted our three foundational programs. 

Please reach out for more information about on-site EMS Leadership Academy training