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August 29-31, 2023

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August 29-31, 2023
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What we know about the EMS Industry


Direct Costs of Losing 1 Person


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EMS Leaders Trained



Our LIVE Training Event: August 29, 30, 31. 11AM - 7PM ET

If you are a...

Service Owner

C-Suite Executive

Director of Operations

Board Chairman

If you are an executive leader of a private EMS organization and are committed to both your people thriving and being profitable then this program is for you.

We help Executive Leaders in EMS to transform their organizations and optimize their efforts in all areas including recruitment and retention through effective leadership development and capacity building. 

Our transformational change process helps leaders to overcome common barriers that have been plaguing individuals and organizations for years, typically rooted in poor communication, past-based thinking and unconscious limiting beliefs (also known as blind spots). 

We invite you and your executive leadership team to join us for this three-day LIVE immersive training event where you will learn to create and lead from a bold new future. 

There has never been a better (or more affordable) opportunity to intentionally design your organization to produce the results you want. And, it has never been more important to invest in leadership development as we navigate the uncertain post-pandemic future of EMS.

If you are ready to sleep through the night, give up worrying and put your attention on things you want to build, then claim your seat now!

What Others Are Saying About

EMS Leadership LIVE

I've actually been busier since the training! I've gotten my team together to go back and do things that we've let slip by. That brought out some of the easy things to do with for retention, which will in turn help with our recruitment and we have seen action with that too. 

Geralyn Hoyt

EMS Leadership Academy Live was a wonderful experience. It was very engaging and provided excellent networking opportunities. I learned how to improve both myself and my agency. There were so many poignant points for both experienced and novice leaders. I strongly believe this is valuable for every level of leadership.

Kyle Burtch

This class is very insightful. One of the big things that I learned was creating my leadership statement. It has already had a profound impact on me and really opened my eyes to who I am as a leader. I also saw the importance of getting all the facts before making a decision. The coaching training has been amazing. I will take this class to heart and help to implement what I've in my agency. I would highly recommend their class.

Mike Deshaies

EMS Leadership LIVE was a tremendous personal and professional development experience offering incredibly valuable information on transformational leadership. This training has provided me with tools to be shared with my fellow leaders that will empower us to redefine our recruitment and retention goals by creating bold visions for our organization. Thank you Robbie and Lisa for the immersive lessons, fantastic coaching, insightful messages and friendship!

Ellen Fleming

This leadership training has been nothing short of amazing. It's opened my eyes to the importance of so many different aspects of what it takes to be a great leader. Self care, improving communication skills, looking at things from different perspectives, assessing before assuming, are just a small fraction of topics that have really stood out to me. Really looking forward to applying this knew knowledge and "AHA" moments to my personal and professional life. Excited to participate in future training opportunities with Robbie and Lisa!

Alyssa lockwood

Meet Your Hosts

Robbie MacCue, MBA, FP-C

Robbie co-founded the EMS Leadership Academy after a rough start to his 14 years in an executive leadership role, frustrated by a lack of leadership resources he set on a mission to find and ultimately help transform the conversation of EMS Leadership -- and the results that could be produced. Together, he and his co-founder Lisa, have helped develop leadership training and curriculum that makes a difference to the futures of organizations around the globe. 

Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa co-founded the EMS Leadership Academy after 25+ years as an executive coach and trainer, and lifelong student of leadership. Together Robbie & Lisa are helping transform deeply held beliefs, democratize leadership development,  and improve the lives of people inside organizations - which are the most important & mostly overlooked aspect. 

During our time together we’ll focus on:

Day 1


Owning your impact and responsibility for your results is the first step in being a leader that people want to follow. 

  • Discover the blindspots that most leaders have that lead to ineffective actions - and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the tools leaders must know to not react to their circumstances but respond with intention.
  • Learn the framework for influencing others (and where most go wrong) so people will listen and take actions in alignment with your intention.  
  • Discover the single biggest myth of what holds people back, and the one change that makes all the difference in your team. 
  • What can self-care do for you, and the science of mindfulness.

This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work (on you) kind of day, integrating our approach into your very own intentionally designed future.

Day 2


Now that you've had the personal mindset shift, we can start to learn how to develop & influence others:

  • Uncover the single most effective strategy to bringing out the best in your people and results beyond what you think is possible.
  • Learn the overwhelming costs of inaction and how one simple shift can have an enormous return on investment.
  • The secret ingredient to lasting change.
  • Learn how to invest in your #1 asset that can only appreciate over time & will end the revolving door of recruitment & retention for good.
  • Learn to harness the power of coaching and a method of helping others overcome their most challenging roadblocks.

This day is about understanding and getting grounded in what's needed to bring out the best in yourself and others.   

Day 3


Our last day together is devoted to putting ideas into action. We save the strategies & tactics until after a solid foundation has been created.

  • Learn how to help yourself (and others) grow through accountability, and why it doesn't have to be hard.
  • Discover how to bring a new idea or project into reality with this one new strategy - without the overwhelm.
  • Get clear on the dos-and don'ts of effective recruitment campaign messaging, and how one new structure will help create measurable outcomes.
  • Learn the formula for maximizing your recruitment efforts.

There’s no stopping you now!
Fired Up! Ready to go!

Are you ready for an executive leadership development experience?

You don't have to have a big budget, go through graduate school, or travel.

Whether your organization has 50, 500, or 5,000+, providers, interactive event is designed to help recruit, retain, and engage your people.

$1,497  $997 (Bonus: Buy One Get One Ticket) 

PLUS The Most Incredible Leadership Bonus Pack EVER for FREE

Here is what you'll learn

  • The simple formula that helps you resolve recruitment & retention challenges (and what even many veteran EMS leaders often get wrong)
  • Discover the missing ingredient for lasting change, and how it's really much simpler than you may think 
  • An effective communication strategy to influence others without coercion or manipulation.
  • The biggest mistake EMS leaders make when working with others, and how to avoid it
  • How to intentionally design a future free of the past and current obstacles (and this one exercise alone can make a massive difference for your future)
  • The essential paradigm shift about mindset that changes your outlook and effectiveness as a leader.
  • Why taking 100% responsibility is a good thing (and this one little change will amplify your ability to create and sustain your desired results) 
  • How focusing on your problems actually makes them worse, and a new approach that will immediately cause the outcomes that you want.
  • A new framework for approaching challenging situations that are not working for your organization (and how to influence the outcomes and behavior of others)
  • How to calculate the cost of losing people is more expensive than most organizations realize (and what it's costing your organization) 
  • How to grow and develop others which will build a bench of leaders to draw from (and how most organizations miss this opportunity)
  • How to look for the question behind the question, and how to overcome objectives when presenting your new idea
  • What coaching is, and is not (and why this can be your go-to strategy for producing better results with others) 
  • The blindspot that keeps holding you back from achieving bold new results (and how traditional planning processes will mess you up) 
  • How to stop the revolving door of recruitment and retention through a strategy that most organizations miss
  • A new onboarding approach that will break down the silos and stop people from slipping through the cracks.

Our check-in desk will be open for live check-in on Mon August 28, 2023.
The process only takes a few minutes, please plan accordingly.

LIVE Event Schedule
Day 1 Tue August 29, 1100-1900 ET
Day 2 Wed August 30, 1100-1900 ET
Day 3 Thur August 31, 1100-1900 ET

EMS Leadership LIVE

hosted by EMS Leadership LLC