“Leadership is More Than a Position”

To be a great leader is to be a great coach.

We really believe that to be a great leader is to be a great coach.

Great coaching leads to great performance and will begin to transform your culture.

Great coaching begins to create an organization that people WANT to be a part of and seek you out.

That makes recruitment effortless -- compared to old ways of  recruiting.

EMS Recruitment & Retention Webinar
Mon Feb 15 @ 1700 EST

Limited space available

February Content Mini-Series Featuring
How to Increase Engagement, Motivation, & Morale in EMS

Part 1 - Taking the 1st Bite

Available Wed Feb 10 @ 0800 EST

The responsibilities in any organization can pull you in many directions. Sometimes it feels like constantly putting out fires and overwhelming with far too much for one person to do. Join us as we teach about increasing engagement, motivation & morale without the overwhelm.

Download the PDF guide & take notes on Part 1.

Part 2: Implementation

Available Thurs Feb 11 @ 1300 EST

Now that you know what the first steps to take are, we're going to walk you through following a framework and creating an implementation plan so that you can cause lasting change!

Live & 

Part 3: Live Coaching

Available Fri Feb 12 @ 1330 EST

Action speaks louder than words, right?? In Part 3 of the Masterclass series you will see coaching in action and experience first hand the power of coaching. By observing a coaching session you will see how to coach effectively.

There will be time for Q & A

This week we're dripping out small doses of valuable content for free. We'll leave them up through Feb 18. Mon Feb 15 - 18 you'll be able to register for our signature course: Keeping the Best™. All of these bonus sessions will be available in our KTB Valut where you'll get lifetime access to the course and materials. 

We only open enrollment once a year, so we hope you're ready!

What Participants Have Said

Steve  2:09 PM

"Thank you very much!!!! I feel like I'm having a ripple effect on others and on the right path. I will continue to work towards improving myself"

Cory  1:40 PM

"I understand now it's less about changing the people you lead and more about growing myself. This will in turn have an impact and grow others."

Angela  1:20 PM

"I love this idea of approaching situations with wonder and an open mindset."
- Saskatoon, SK Canada

David  2:09 PM

"My biggest take away is to identify those I place a label on and try to reframe my thinking. I'll work to coach the behavior, not try to change the person. As I look over my last two years as a supervisor, I'm seeing the leaps and bounds in growth. This is reaffirming that my previous shortcomings were not failures but changes to learn"