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EMS Leadership Academy Back to School

Celebration Event

🗓️ Friday Sept 29, 2023  |  11:30A - 1P ET 🎉

The Celebration & Contest Starts NOW!

1. Refer other EMS Leaders & Win

2. Discounted Offerings now through 9/29

3. Grand Prize winners selected LIVE 9/29

Invite a friend or colleague & start winning:  
🔗 Refer 1 friend with your unique link to our "Influence Without Arm-Twisting" Audio full of actionable strategies ($27 value)

🔗 Refer 2 friends to get access to Our Mini-Communications Course ($97 value)

🔗 Refer 4 friends and to get our "Increasing Recruitment, Engagement" Program ($97)

Not Sure Who to Invite?  
This event is Perfect for:

🥇Current EMS Leaders looking for new strategies to create change in their organizations

🥇Executive leaders that want to bring a new bold vision to reality and get buy-in from staff

🥇Future EMS leaders that are excited about bringing new ideas forward

 live celebration event Agenda

Celebrate & have fun with us as we get ready for a new year ahead.

If you’re new to the Academy, or a seasoned alumni, mark your calendars and join us for this 90 minute event LIVE with your cameras on.

You will be so glad you did!

 1 - Learn a Proven Strategy

Available Wed Feb 10 @ 0800 EST

Learn a proven leadership strategy to help you achieve any goal with more creativity and ease, that will also engage your team. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and take on a big goal, this strategy will enable you to move into action with clarity

 2: Implementation

Available Thurs Feb 11 @ 1300 EST

An idea for your EMS Leadership development lesson plan for you and your team in the new year. We want to celebrate our next year ahead, talk about the future of EMS leadership development and what’s on the horizon.

Live & 

 3: Live Coaching

Available Fri Feb 12 @ 1330 EST

Prizes!! We have a number of prizes that we will be giving away just for joining us and participating. Prizes to enhance your leadership potential

What Participants Have Said

Steve  2:09 PM

"Thank you very much!!!! I feel like I'm having a ripple effect on others and on the right path. I will continue to work towards improving myself"

Cory  1:40 PM

"I understand now it's less about changing the people you lead and more about growing myself. This will in turn have an impact and grow others."

Angela  1:20 PM

"I love this idea of approaching situations with wonder and an open mindset."
- Saskatoon, SK Canada

David  2:09 PM

"My biggest take away is to identify those I place a label on and try to reframe my thinking. I'll work to coach the behavior, not try to change the person. As I look over my last two years as a supervisor, I'm seeing the leaps and bounds in growth. This is reaffirming that my previous shortcomings were not failures but changes to learn"