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"Learn a new approach to recruitment & retention that will stop you from spinning your wheels and thousands back to your EMS Budget"

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Are you an ambulance service leader, or aspiring leader, looking for additional levers to maximize your leadership impact?

Discover the mistakes EMS executives & supervisors make that lead to workforce challenges.

Learn what you need to know to create and retain high performing employees.

What You're Going to Learn...

  • The $278,775 mistake most organizations are making and how you can use that number to your advantage
  • The three part framework to stop the revolving door of losing your best talent and burning out your mid level leaders
  • Experience transformational learning that will reveal a blindspot most leaders have and you'll never see people the same way again

A must see training hosted by: 

Lisa Giruzzi & Robbie MacCue

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"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge"