FindEMS – Recruitment Tools for EMS Agencies

Agencies: We are creating recruitment tools for EMS departments to gain more members.

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Using a tag line:

“Watch this video. If you’re interested in becoming an EMT and making a difference, complete the form below and someone will be in touch with more information.”

Have a landing page AND follow up immediately!

SLA Landing Page Find EMS Landing Page

  • Simple pages will produce more conversions (or leads / new members)
  • Make it easy to watch the video & sign up for more information
  • Have a follow up person accountable and create procedures & rules

Phone System & Taking Messages

  • Have an extension on your phone system, “If you’re interested in becoming a member, press 1”. Have voicemails forwarded to your recruitment person. Don’t just have members or staff taking messages, as they may not get handled in a consistent manor.
  • Keep track in a “Leads” spreadsheet or binder.
  • Return messages ASAP or the first 24 hours… They’ll know you’re serious!

Use Facebook Ads!

  • Create a budget line item for Public Relations & Recruitment.
  • Target in on your geographic area with messages tailored to your audience.
    • You can create a 55+ ad campaign that says, “Recently retired? Want to make a difference in your community? Watch this video!”
    • 45+, “Prevent empty-nesters syndrome: Watch this video and learn how to make a difference in the community. Join a winning team!”
    • All demographics in your Zip code / Codes with a more generic message attached to the video.
  • Always include your website landing page address (i.e.:, the less clicks to sign up for information, the better.
  • Spend $100 on  your campaign & drive traffic to watch the video… the leads will come!

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