About the EMS Leadership Academy

We create leadership resources for EMS providers to enhance their organization and develop magnetic thriving organizations that people want to be a part of.
We empower leaders to cause other leaders and to create bold visions that redefine the future of their organization and Emergency Services worldwide. Our purpose is to be the source of transformational leadership in Emergency Services.
Our work causes lasting, positive, sustainable change.

EMS Leadership Academy Commitment

Lisa and Robbie are committed to changing all that with the innovative and transformational programs offered through the EMS Leadership Academy.  Lisa and Robbie promise to help their clients to create a magnetic, thriving and sustainable organization.

The EMS Leadership Academy was created out of a collaboration between Robbie MacCue and Lisa Giruzzi after they worked together to produce incredible results at organization where Robbie serves as president. After working together on this project over several years and sharing the results, one thing became clear, the problems experienced at his organization were not unique. Numerous other agencies were experiencing similar problems and were hungry for an answer.

Robbie MacCue, FP-C, MBA

"With two decades in the EMS industry, Robbie MacCue has worn many hats, from serving as a paramedic across diverse systems to taking on pivotal leadership roles. His academic credentials, including a BS in Information Technology & Management Information Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an Executive MBA from Case Western University with a focus on Cleveland Clinic's healthcare leadership, have fortified his practical experience with a robust theoretical foundation."

Early in his career, Robbie faced challenges that drove him to co-found the EMS Leadership Academy. Recognizing a gap in leadership resources, he, alongside his co-founder Lisa, aimed to revolutionize EMS Leadership dialogues. Their global impact is evident, having interviewed 170 industry leaders worldwide and pioneering a leadership curriculum for New York.

For over 14 years, Robbie served as the President of a non-profit EMS organization in Upstate New York, collaborating with Lisa to effect remarkable organizational changes. Currently, he serves as a paramedic with the Town of Colonie, New York, specializing in ground rescue, flight, and tactical medicine, and undertakes international medical flights with REVA air ambulance. Beyond his EMS roles, Robbie is passionate about business consulting, merging his love for technology with healthcare. He is also licensed through the Standards for Excellence® Institute, equipping him with the expertise to work with nonprofits aiming to implement the Standards for Excellence® code."

Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa Giruzzi, with over 25 years of experience as an executive coach and trainer, is driven by a lifelong passion for leadership and helping others achieve their goals. As a best-selling author and award-winning trainer, she has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. Her expertise spans various industries, where she has worked closely with executives to foster breakthrough results and elevate their performance levels. Notably, Lisa was recognized as the Trainer of the Year by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by EMS organizations, such as dwindling memberships and the "revolving door" syndrome, Lisa co-founded the EMS Leadership Academy with Robbie.

Their combined vision aims to challenge deeply held beliefs, democratize leadership development, and prioritize the well-being of individuals within organizations. Their mission addresses the pressing need for meaningful and effective leadership training in the EMS sector, ensuring organizations have access to qualified leaders for a sustainable and thriving future.

Together, they have several featured columns in EMS1 magazine, interviewed over 170+ leaders as co-host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and host live trainings designed to transform their attendees perspectives leaving them with actionable strategies to impact the people in their organizations. 

"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge"