The Communications Mini-Course: A 7 Day Online Experience

Given the nature of the work you do, doing more with less is adding enormous stress on everyone in your organization, especially the leaders. You do not need the added stress of interpersonal difficulties and conflict. Focusing on communication will enable your organization to transform its culture at all levels.

When you are aware of the Three Little Known Communication Strategies Guaranteed to Breathe Life into Your Organization you can begin to change the nature of the conversations in your organization, which will start you on a path to creating a magnetic organization where people will want to participate.

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While geared for EMS professionals, I enrolled in this course as a public safety communications supervisor. Everything mentioned in writing and videos is relevant to the communications environment. Well done! Highly recommend those who do not have adequate supervision or leadership courses available to enroll and complete this training course. I like how each lesson was short and to the point - makes things stick more.

John Korman
MiniCourse Participant

Part I — The Foundation of Communication is Listening

Part II — The Keys to Clarity in Challenging Situations

Part III — The Secret Sauce 

What Participants Had to Say


This helped me understand that communication is the key to an effective workplace, lack of communication promotes stress and unhappy employees.


It will absolutely aid in my abilities to be a better leader and a better communicator.


I'm amazed at how this short course had such a big impact.  I now won't be so fast to jump to conclusions and will start to consider all the facts!

My biggest takeaway is understanding how to listen! Now with a goal in place to achieve from the conversation I feel I have a improved way to listen, even with some of the more difficult employees.

MiniCourse Participant

MiniCourse Participant

Listening to people is contagious! Actually hearing and processing what they had to say is so vital to my success.  Also, not focusing on what employees are doing wrong...but focus on what they do right and what they can contribute to the organization.

MiniCourse Participant

MiniCourse Participant