Three Hidden Communication Problems that are Flatlining Your Organizationhave you expereinced

Whether you are struggling with recruitment, retention, lack of engagement, low morale, divisiveness, or any number of the other issues plaguing EMS agencies today, YOU HAVE A COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. That’s right. These are ALL symptoms of ineffective communication. In this interactive and engaging program you will discover what’s at the source of your agency’s issues and how to resolve them once and for all.

This workshop is primarily interactive with lecture interspersed throughout. The attendees will be asked to pick a specific situation they are dealing with and will have the opportunity to apply the strategies presented during the workshop to the situation. A case study of a successful intervention with an EMS agency that utilized the strategies presented will be presented and discussed

That’s What I Said, But Not What I Meant: Critical Communication Practices for Organizations

It happens all the time. You think your communication is clear and yet somehow it is misinterpreted. The message is misunderstood and clearing up the confusion takes massive effort and energy. Miscommunication has a significant impact on morale, retention, productivity, engagement – every area of organizational health. In this workshop the participants will learn the critical components for communicating with clarity to achieve a shared understanding resulting in enhanced productivity and performance.

Stop the Revolving Door & Create an Attractive, Magnetic Organization

The traditional approach to Recruitment and Retention is only part of the story. In this dynamic and engaging program the participants will learn the keys to successful recruitment and retention. This is not simply a tips and strategies approach but more of a shift in perspective that will enable the attendees to immediately enhance their current methods in order to create and sustain a magnetic, thriving organization. At the end of this presentation participants will be able to: – Identify the limits in their current methods – Apply the concepts identified in the workshop to their current situation – Adopt a new perspective that will improve recruitment and retention in their organization

workshop outcomes

Overcoming the Three Most Common Challenges EMS Leaders Face

What holds an organization together and creates sustainability for the future? Leadership. There are many key distinctions essential to the success of any leader. There is one however that trumps them all… Effective Communication. In this powerful and practical workshop participants will learn communication strategies that will significantly enhance their ability to successfully lead their organization and develop the leadership capacity of other members within the organization. The focus of the program will be on the 3 most common challenges leaders in EMS face and how to overcome them: – Avoiding Burnout: The Secret to Not Doing it ALL Yourself – The Art of Accountability: Supporting Others in Keeping Their Word – From Idea to Result: Bringing ANY Idea into Reality

Influence Without Arm Twisting

Have you found that trying to get people to do stuff can be frustrating and exhausting? This energizing and interactive presentation will show you the necessary elements for influencing others to take action without manipulation or coercion. In this workshop you will learn the four communication myths that are preventing you from getting what you want, the three little known secrets for influencing others AND effective communication strategies that you can immediately to powerfully impact others behavior

"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge"