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New York EMS Providers Speak Out  

In August, 160 supporters across NYS sent letters ask the Governor to sign this direct payment legislation.

News Coverage on NY Direct Payment Legislation


Times Union - Albany County - Lawmakers rally for Direct Pay bill for EMS to be signed

“Let’s hope the governor will agree with all of us,” Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy, an Albany Democrat, said at the conference. “We’ve had tremendous support in the Assembly and the state Senate so really hoping we will see that signature for the governor very soon and turn this situation around.” The “Direct Pay” bill would need to be signed before the end of the year to become law. “To me this is common sense legislation,” said Sheriff Craig Apple. “I’m shocked to learn that it’s been 10 years in the making.”


WXXI News - Monroe County - Lawmakers, EMS providers urge Hochul to sign ambulance service payment legislation

“Oftentimes, what our EMS agents have become is a collection agency,” said Assemblymember Sarah Clark, “Instead of putting time and resources into what they need to do to deliver health care services and make sure people are safe and healthy and getting the medical treatment they need, they're calling people and tracking down dollars that are owed to them for services provided.”


WICZ News - Broome County - Local Leaders, Ambulance Providers Call on Gov. Hochul to Sign Direct Pay Bill

"This isn't going to be the fix for all the problems, but it certainly can help alleviate some of the financial stress. We still need EMTs. We still need people educated on when to call 911," said Assemblymember Joe Angelino.


WKTV News - Oneida County - Removing 'Unnecessary Burdens from Patients:' Call to Action for Governor to Sign Direct Pay Legislation

Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon of Marcy and Senator Joe Griffo of Rome rallied residents in front of the State Office Building in downtown Utica Thursday morning. “This legislation guarantees emergency medical services agencies are compensated for the essential service they are providing. Our ambulance service providers are there for us when we dial 911 and play a vital role in public health and safety across the Mohawk Valley. We must prioritize critical health care service providers and mandate that those that receive those services pay for them. This bill requires direct reimbursement from the insurance companies to the EMS providers,” Buttenschon said.


 WRVO News - Onondaga County - Lawmakers and ambulance service providers push for 'direct pay' bill

 "It's a good bill, a reasonable bill, and without it, a lot of these organizations are going to go out of business", Syracuse area Democratic Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli at a press conference in Camiulus NY. Eric Kehoe, executive director of WAVES Ambulance in Camillus, says the insurance company sends reimbursement checks for any out-of-network calls, to patients. Those checks often don’t get turned over to the ambulance service. "They don't understand what the check is for," Kehoe said. "They cash it, they spend the money, the money's gone. Other people will throw the check out. Then there are, unfortunately, some people that cash it nefariously. They understand 'If I ever need money, I'll call the ambulance. I'll get a check,' and they'll do it repetitively."

New York EMS Providers  

This is a call for any New York State EMS provider to request the Governor to sign a bill that will help New York ambulance services get payments directly from insurance companies.

Background: Historically the insurance companies strong arm providers into accepting a lower rate in order to get the payment sent directly to them. If they don't agree to take a fraction of the bill as payment, they may send a bill direct to the patient and leave it up to ambulance services to collect that money.

Please only complete this form IF you live in New York State.

Ask NYS Governor to Sign NY Bill - S1446A/A250

Dear Governor Hochul,

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170 signatures = 85% of goal

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The Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

SUBJECT: Support for Signing S1466A Breslin /A250 Magnarelli into Law -- Direct Pay Reimbursement of Ambulance Services

Dear Governor Hochul,

I am writing to you to request your support S1446A/A250 that was recently passed by the Legislature with unanimous support. This legislation will help our EMS organization get paid for the services we provide and improve care delivery to our community. We appreciate your continued support of emergency medical providers throughout New York State.

Signing this legislation would ensure payments intended for ambulance services get sent directly to the ambulance service provider and not the patient directly -- these are monies that were always intended for the ambulance service.

Ambulance services treat patients with dozens of different health insurance companies and it is not practical to expect us to be participating with every insurance company, nor can an individual choose when they will have an emergency and expect them to choose a participating provider. We know that insurance companies have used direct payment through their in-network contracts as leverage to force ambulance services to accept lower reimbursement rates. Recent inflationary pressures have raised the costs of supplies and equipment dramatically, without corresponding new revenue from health insurers.

We thank you for your consideration and urge you to sign S1446A/A250 into law.



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