Communication 911

Listen, from time to time we all have misunderstandings, frustrating situations or difficult people to deal with. COMMUNICATION-911 is here to help you navigate through those situations unscathed (and maybe even help you strengthen your ability to communicate). 

So, bring us your biggest, bloodiest, baddest and most annoying problems and we will offer insights and strategies to help you resolve them.  You can bring your boring, mundane problems too. No issue too big or too small to be handled on COMMUNICATION-911.

Because we love coaching people to be more effective and successful and know that honing your communication skills is the #1 way to achieve more results, we am offering this program free of charge.

What's the catch?

I know if you experience firsthand the power of my strategies for effective communication, you will want to find ways to learn more and share it with other people who are frustrated, stressed, worried about burning out or just sick of struggling to get results.

How it works:

During our weekly broadcast we will answer questions submitted by email LIVE ON THE AIR. (Identities will be kept confidential)

All you have to do is email your issue or question to us.

What kind of issues can I email? 
Here are some examples:

  • My boss won't listen and wants everything done his/her way
  • I have a co-worker who is a know-it-all and it drives me crazy
  • I can't get everything done and I am overwhelmed
  • I feel like no one listens to me
  • I can't get my employees to take ownership for their work
  • People go on and on without making their point
  • Too many unproductive meetings
  • Anything that frustrates, annoys or occurs as an obstacle to getting what you want

You get the picture...

I even want you to send the ones you don't think can get resolved; the "You don't understand, I have tried everything" ones, the "This guy is just a jerk" ones...

Bring it on... this is COMMUNICATION-911 after all!!
I will answer as many emails as I can during the program.

Can't make the live event?
 No problem!  Each episode will be archived on YouTube so you can watch it at your convenience. 

Even if you don't personally submit a question you will benefit from COMMUNICATION-911  because the information we cover will provide insights and "aha's" for your issues, too.


YouTube or our blog archive - Can't wait until the broadcast? Contact us for a free strategy session by clicking here.


"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge"