Do You Need a Communication Makeover? 

By Lisa Giruzzi

Here are some indicators you need a communication makeover:

  • You don’t have the results you want in your life.
  • The majority of your communication focuses on the past, namely what went wrong and how it should be different.
  • You play out entire conversations in your head that haven’t happened yet, i.e., I am going to say this and when he says that, then I’ll say this (you get the picture).

Getting the results you want

Communication is everything and everything is communication and yet, for the most part, people work on everything but communication when it comes to producing results.  People work on being more organized or more focused but rarely do people associate their communication ability with their results.  When you begin to recognize the link between your ability to communicate and your results you will have greater impact on causing the change you seek.

It is not just your ability to speak, listen, write and read, although these are important.  What is far more important is understanding the point of view you bring to each and every communication.  This point of view shapes and influences every communication and communicates louder that the words you speak or write.  Ralph Wald Emerson said, “Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear you.”  This is true for all of us. Our deepest beliefs, opinions, assessments, etc. are being communicated all the time.

To impact our results, we need to become aware of our fundamental point of view and question its validity and impact on our lives.

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Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa is a best-selling author, result-producing consultant and an award-winning trainer with more than twenty-five years’ experience helping individuals and organizations to be more successful and achieve their goals. She specializes in causing breakthrough results for her clients by giving them access to a whole new level of power and performance.

Lisa Giruzzi

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