Becoming an EMS Alchemist: Transforming and Transmuting for the Future 

Featured Speaker
Jonathan Washko, MBA, FACPE, NRP, AEMD

Hosted by:  Robbie MacCue

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Jonathan Washko appears at the 4th Annual EMS Leadership Summit.

Is a 35-year highly accomplished executive focused in both the pre-hospital and healthcare operations improvement space with expertise in a variety of domains and topics. He is a leading industry expert on numerous matters, advising internationally with organizations, and governments on pre-hospital, mobile healthcare, and systems design and improvement efforts. Mr. Washko sits on a variety of boards and councils, is an author, researcher, educator, and is a balanced disruptive innovator, ideator and strategic visionary leader capable in business and cultural transformations.

Becoming an EMS alchemist is the process of transforming a business to be prepared for the future. EMS has evolved since the 1966 report, starting at EMS 1.0 and now reaching 4.0. To successfully prepare for the future, one must understand the difference between alchemy and transmutation and how to become an EMS alchemist.

The CMS Emergency Triage Treatment and Transportation (ET3) Project and Northwell's Independence at Home program demonstrate the benefits of this model, such as improved quality of care, lower costs and higher levels of patient satisfaction. The House Calls Program has resulted in an impressive ROI of over 500%, so it is being increasingly implemented.

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During the pandemic, the shift to virtual care meant that the government issued waivers for an EMS model with a focus on clinical care. Technology advancements are enabling this transformation, such as a front-end clinical decision support system and data quantification.

Platform thinking and consumerism must be utilized to craft an Emergency Medical Services system, while data systems should be accessible and patient-centered. Risk monitoring necessitates data systems, including asynchronous communication systems, behavioral marketplaces, healthcare systems, neural communication systems and AI.

Improving effectiveness, efficiency and safety through evidence-based practice is paramount. Video services for patients is a must-have and costs and potential funding issues associated with transmutation must be understood in order to calculate the value it brings.

  • Becoming an EMS alchemist is the process of transforming and transmuting one's business to be prepared for the future.
  • EMS has evolved from EMS 1.0 to 4.0 and is highly important for trauma-related transport. 
  • EMS must shift away from transporting patients to definitive care to premium non-urgent services for improved care and lower costs.
  1. Becoming an EMS Alchemist: Transmuting Your Business for the Future (00:00 - 07:10)
  2. The Transmutation of EMS: From Transportation Commodity to Premium Nonu Siri (07:11 - 13:03)
  3. Necessity Drives the Acceptance of Telemedicine: House Calls Program Achieves 500% ROI (13:03 - 18:37)
  4. The Necessity of Transmutated Care: Evolving EMS Value Propositions During COVID-19 (18:37 - 23:51)
  5. Transforming Healthcare with Technology: A Journey from Risk-Averse to Risk-Tolerant Medicine (23:51 - 28:48)
  6. Data Enhancing Future of Risk Management, Efficiency Through Neural Communication and Delivery in EMS (28:48 - 34:14)
  7. Hardwiring Effectiveness, Efficiency and Safety in Healthcare Delivery: Turning Lemons into Lemonade with Post-ACA Change Management. (34:14 - 39:47)
  8. Exploring Video Communication Requirements for Transmutation in Healthcare Settings (39:47 - 40:24)

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Robbie MacCue

Robbie is the cofounder of the EMS Leadership Academy, host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and paramedic captain in Albany, NY where he serves in the Special Operations Division for ground rescue, flight, & tactical medicine. He performs international medical flights with North America's largest fixed wing Air Ambulance service. For more than 14 years, Robbie served as President of a non-profit EMS organization advocating for increased funding and raising the bar of excellence. In addition, Robbie is an American Heart Association advocate who is passionate about empowering others to save more lives. He has taught physicians, nurses, and other medical providers Advanced Cardiac Life Support at medical schools and hospitals throughout Manhattan. Robbie has undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University and provides business consulting that combines his love of technology with healthcare.

Robbie MacCue

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