How to get your “Unfair Share” of our most Limited Resource: Provider Talent 

Featured Speaker
Josh Watts, Founder Board Member of MedTrust

Hosted by:  Robbie MacCue

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Jonathan Washko appears at the 4th Annual EMS Leadership Summit.

Founder and former CEO of MedTrust Holdings, a Southeast Regional leader in interfacility transport and Mobile Healthcare, Josh Watts is actively leading MedTrust's Cultural and Workforce initiatives. Having grown the company from 3 employees to more than 400 operating in the states of SC, GA, FL, Josh recognizes the most defensible competitive advantage: company culture. Additionally he chairs the SCEMSA Payment Reform Committee, serves on the Workforce committee, and sits on the AAA Reimbursement Committee.

In this session, Josh focuses on how to successfully recruit and retain employees in the modern labor landscape. He explores how loyalty has been 'tainted' and emphasizes the importance of demonstrating and reinforcing core values.

Additionally, Josh covers strategies such as providing staff with direct access to leadership, building relationships and recognition to foster successful working environments, and investing in people in order to create an effective, high performing team.

Finally, he suggests detailed tips for the interview and onboarding process, maintaining a strong relationship with employees, and leveraging new workforce options in response to Covid-19.

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Josh, an experienced provider and employee retention specialist, believes that loyalty has been adversely affected in the modern labor landscape, and that organizations must demonstrate and reinforce their core values in order to successfully recruit and retain employees.

A practical way to do this is by providing employees with direct access to leadership and creating an environment in which their values become a day-to-day reality. Managers should build professional, yet caring relationships with their employees, with a focus on relationships, recognition, and a sense of belonging. Leaders should stay up-to-date with laws and regulations, and strive for a high performing team with collaboration and mutual regard. It is also important for leaders to challenge old paradigms and breaking down conditioned way of thinking.

Moreover, investing in people is essential, and organizations should spend time to create an atmosphere in which employees feel welcomed and supported. Having a strong relationship with employees is key, and managers should scale their engagement strategies in order to have meaningful conversations with larger groups.

Furthermore, recruiting the right audience is necessary for onboarding, and EMS providers should explore new workforce opportunities and be open to conversation with other health care providers. The ultimate goal is to create a culture of care for people, providing clear pathways for career progression and investing time and energy in the early parts of candidate interactions.

  • Organizations must demonstrate and reinforce core values with both big and small initiatives.
  • Leaders need to be aware of the laws and regulations when it comes to their employees and build professional, yet caring relationships with them.
  • Relationships, recognition, and a sense of belonging are essential to successful management in larger businesses.
  1. Retaining and Recruiting Talent: Finding Your Unfair Share of a Most Limited Resource (00:00 - 06:53)
  2. The Three Rules of Empowerment and Relationship Building in the Workplace (06:53 - 12:26)
  3. Questioning Old Paradigms: Moving Towards More Positive and Sustainable Practices in the EMS Industry (12:26 - 18:23)
  4. Investment in People Operations: Taking the Mindset. (18:23 - 24:00)
  5. Valuing Employee Relationships to Achieve Results and Engagement (24:00 - 29:39)
  6. Creating a Systematized Onboarding Process and Recruiting Advocacy for Retention (29:39 - 35:13)
  7. Building Relationships to Nurture Employee Success: Exploring the Role of Stay Interviews. (35:14 - 40:53)
  8. Exploring Solutions to Increase Efficiencies Within EMS: How the Impact of Covid-19 Has Highlighted the Need for Change (40:53 - 46:33)
  9. How to Get an Unfair Share of Quality Employees (46:33 - 52:06)
  10. Caring for Employees: A Crucial Component of Agency Success (52:06 - 55:08)

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Robbie MacCue

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