The Fourth Annual
EMS Leadership Summit

How to Advocate, Innovate & Inspire for the Future

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4th Annual EMS Leadership Summit

The Conference For EMS Providers & Leaders Looking to Better Themselves

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The World-Class Experts You’ll Soon Be Learning From With The EMS Leadership Summit

Our Sessions & Featured Speakers

Dress for the job you want – Developing Leaders in EMS with Scott Moore
COVID-19 & Mental Health – Shi(f)t Happens
Field Staff Engagement Using the Team Based Quality Model

Heather Sharar, Executive Director of Ambulance Associations of PA

The Power of the Association: Education vs Advocacy
Death Communication: What we failed to teach

Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh

Transformation, Accreditation, & Elevation
Seeing Resilience & Health in the System with Rick Ruppenthal
Using Data to Drive EMS Recruitment & Retention with Scott Moore

Dr. I. David Daniels, PhD, MHRM, CSD

Inspiration Through Inclusion

Asbel Montes, Managing Parter at Solutions Group

Speak Up: A Lesson in Advocacy
How to get your “Unfair Share” of our most Limited Resource: Provider Talent
Becoming an EMS Alchemist: Transforming and Transmuting for the Future

Rob Lawrence, Communications Chair AAA; Mark Tenia Public Relations Media Manager RAA; Alexia Jobson, NREMT, APR Director of Public Relations REMSA

Where Do We Go From Here? Next Steps After EMS “Wins” & How Communication is Key to Your Future Success

Duncan McConnell, MBA, MCOM, MPA, MACPP

Are you a round peg in a square hole?
How SCA Public Policy Can Be THE Most Powerful Force In The Battle To Save Lives

Shari Hughson, RN, BScN, MBA, Wayfound Chief Innovation Officer

Using & Creating Innovation to Drive Employee Engagement
Pandemics are a team sport – Understanding the vital role of EMS in public health emergencies