Speak Up: A Lesson in Advocacy 

Featured Speaker
Asbel Montes, Managing Parter at Solutions Group

Hosted by:  Robbie MacCue

Asbel Montes appears at the 4th Annual EMS Leadership Summit.

Asbel began his career in the ambulance industry in '99. His EMS career includes directing and leading teams that provided revenue cycle consultation to air and ground ambulance agencies, culminating into the position of Managing Partner of Solutions Group Consulting. Asbel is a respected thought leader on reimbursement initiatives within the industry and is a requested speaker at many healthcare conferences. Asbel is a contributing author in several EMS magazines and co-authoring the book, Management of Ambulance Services, as published by Prentice Hall in 2014.

Advocacy is an important part of healthcare policy and implementation. Successful advocacy should involve research, building relationships, creating a narrative that can reach people, and personalizing the story using real life experience.

When delivering the message, it should be kept at 8-10 minutes, with additional time for questions and answers. When communicating it is important to understand who the audience is, anticipate the move of one’s opponent, and to be aware of the power of what is not being said.

Moreover, it is important to be authentic and use language that one is comfortable with, as well as knowing one's data. Finally, it is important to reach out to other agencies for help and advice to achieve a common purpose.

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  • Become familiar with the three essential elements of healthcare policy, design and implementation: research, relationships and narrative.
  •  Create an effective storytelling message by personalizing it, providing a solution or request for support, including helpful links and keeping it short and understandable.
  •  Understand the power of grassroots advocacy and respect the schedule of elected officials.
  1. Introducing Asbel Montes to Learn About Advocacy and the Role of Politics in Healthcare Policy (00:00 - 07:05)
  2. Telling Your Story Through In-Person and Written Advocacy (07:05 - 12:21)
  3. The Three Ps of Effective Advocacy: People, Policy and Politics (12:21 - 18:05)
  4. Winning the Chess Game of Advocacy: Five Points to Consider (18:05 - 23:38)
  5. Advocate for Data, Listen, and Be Authentic (23:38 - 29:31)
  6. The Vitality of Advocacy and the Role of First Responders During a Public Health Emergency (29:31 - 31:29)

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Robbie MacCue

Robbie is the cofounder of the EMS Leadership Academy, host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and paramedic captain in Albany, NY where he serves in the Special Operations Division for ground rescue, flight, & tactical medicine. He performs international medical flights with North America's largest fixed wing Air Ambulance service. For more than 14 years, Robbie served as President of a non-profit EMS organization advocating for increased funding and raising the bar of excellence. In addition, Robbie is an American Heart Association advocate who is passionate about empowering others to save more lives. He has taught physicians, nurses, and other medical providers Advanced Cardiac Life Support at medical schools and hospitals throughout Manhattan. Robbie has undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University and provides business consulting that combines his love of technology with healthcare.

Robbie MacCue

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