Inspiration Through Inclusion 

Featured Speaker
Dr. I. David Daniels, PhD, MHRM, CSD

Hosted by:  Lisa Giruzzi

David Daniels returns to the 4th Annual EMS Leadership Summit.

David an Occupational Health and Safety expert researcher, consultant, and retired three-time fire chief whose 32-year career began in the Seattle Fire Department. In 2021 he became the first living African American to be inducted into the National Fire Heritage Center’s Hall of Legends, Legacies, and Leaders. He is the host of the Psych Health & Safety USA podcast. He is a Delegate and Founding Chair of the National Safety Council's Government and Public – Sector Division, International Association of Fire Chiefs Life Member and Founding Chair of the Safety, Health and Survival Section, Advisory board member of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition. David is a five-time speaker of the EMS Leadership Summit, EMS Safety Summit, and has appeared on several EMS Safety Roundtable episodes.

In this session, Dr. David Daniels emphasizes the importance of inclusion and understanding as essential elements of meaningful leadership. He specifically explains that in the field of Emergency Medical Service (EMS), connecting with the person in need and demonstrating empathy are core components of peak performance.

David contends that humans have an innate need for connection and that outdated command and control models of leadership are no longer conducive to producing inspiring results.

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To be effective, leaders must trust in their own skills, provide their subordinates with necessary resources, and establish objectives that can help promote a sense of empowerment amongst staff.

Additionally, leaders should be aware of their command and control tendencies and should make a concerted effort to be aware of responsive vs. reactive decision making. Ultimately, it is through collaboration and inspiration that significant outcomes are attained.

  • Inclusion is an essential tool for inspiring and motivating great leaders.
  • Connection with people is a necessary part of providing quality emergency medical service and for emotional wellness.
  • High performers are experienced in controlling when to connect and when to disconnect.
  1. Inspiration through Inclusion: Examining the Benefits of a Sticky Environment (00:00 - 06:17)
  2. The Power of Inclusion in Emergency Medical Services (06:17 - 11:43)
  3. The Crucial Relationship Between Connecting and Disconnecting for EMS Providers (11:43 - 17:49)
  4. Skeptical Thinking: Critical Thinking for High Performers (17:49 - 23:12)
  5. Command and Control Leadership: A Danger to Inspiration (23:12 - 28:50)
  6. The Need for Trust and Inspire Leadership in the Information Age (28:50 - 34:44)
  7. Inclusionary Leadership: A Necessary Step for Connecting and Inspiring People (34:45 - 39:52)
  8. Enlightened Command and Control: Moving Beyond Gaslighting and Tokenism to True Inclusion (39:52 - 45:30)
  9. Trust and Inspire To Make Quicker Decisions: A Flexible Context for Leaders (45:31 - 50:28)
  10. Including Others to Unlock Their Best Potential (50:28 - 55:30)
  11. The Dangers of Command and Control: Inclusion by Inspiration (55:30 - 01:00:48)
  12. Spreading Inspiration to Make the Next Difference (01:00:48 - 01:03:31)

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