Supporting Bryan Boone, a #FOAMed Pioneer 

By Robbie MacCue

Founders of HLTH, IAMED, FOAM FRAT, AAMS CCTA Academy and other industry leaders gather in person to support and honor HLTH co-founder Bryan Boone, a pioneer of the #FOAMed (Free open access medical education) movement. Check out the fb live and hear stories of the lives he's touched from around the globe, inspiring others to be better.

Also, C.A.L. Colorado Aug '23 tickets go on sale today at 2300 ET, last time they sold out in 16 hours.

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Robbie MacCue

Robbie is the cofounder of the EMS Leadership Academy, host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and paramedic captain in Albany, NY where he serves in the Special Operations Division for ground rescue, flight, & tactical medicine. He performs international medical flights with North America's largest fixed wing Air Ambulance service. For more than 14 years, Robbie served as President of a non-profit EMS organization advocating for increased funding and raising the bar of excellence. In addition, Robbie is an American Heart Association advocate who is passionate about empowering others to save more lives. He has taught physicians, nurses, and other medical providers Advanced Cardiac Life Support at medical schools and hospitals throughout Manhattan. Robbie has undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University and provides business consulting that combines his love of technology with healthcare.

Robbie MacCue

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