2022 Documentary Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis 

By Robbie MacCue

Let this pandemic be not what breaks the industry, let it be what brings it together...

Every donation of $100 to fund this documentary through June 30 will get VIP access to our most recent EMS Leadership Summit including 15 CAPCE approved CME credits.


In your donation message add a comment:  #AdvocatesUnite then email support@emsleadershipacademy.com or comment below so we can verify and get you set up with your VIP bonus.

We know EMS relied upon to be an essential service, yet all too often not equally funded like those that are. Let's rally together towards this great advocacy cause.

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We've included a letter below you can share with your organization and directly support this worthy project.

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Robbie MacCue

Robbie is the cofounder of the EMS Leadership Academy, host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and paramedic captain in Albany, NY where he serves in the Special Operations Division for ground rescue, flight, & tactical medicine. He performs international medical flights with North America's largest fixed wing Air Ambulance service. For more than 14 years, Robbie served as President of a non-profit EMS organization advocating for increased funding and raising the bar of excellence. In addition, Robbie is an American Heart Association advocate who is passionate about empowering others to save more lives. He has taught physicians, nurses, and other medical providers Advanced Cardiac Life Support at medical schools and hospitals throughout Manhattan. Robbie has undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University and provides business consulting that combines his love of technology with healthcare.

Robbie MacCue

  • I sincerely hope my donation helps toward accomplishing this project and that it’s goal is achieved in the very near future!

    I forgot to add the hashtag to my donation comment, but I have shared this story across all of my social media platforms.

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